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About me

Hello, I am Ethan :) I'm a 30-year old DM that’s been playing and running D&D games for over 15 years. I’ve run campaigns in person, online, play-by-post, and for expats while teaching abroad in China (pre-pandemic). I currently run games using Discord and a super user-friendly new VTT called Tableplop. When you game with me, you can expect believable NPCs with their own goals, voice, ideals, and (sometimes) issues. Your success and failures will be based on YOUR choices. You can expect a compelling, typically time-sensitive, overarching narrative that will be revealed piece by piece as you advance in levels and uncover more and more secrets. You can expect a safe, friendly environment where you can roleplay as much or as little as you want. You’ll have voiced NPCs, battle maps, fantastical locations, universe-moving plots, and a healthy dose of challenging, dynamic combat. If you’re looking for a deep, roleplay filled, custom adventure with a team of adventurers you can count on, and challenging, dynamic combat, this is the game for you. Who I am - Tabletop gaming tenure: off and on 15-20 years - System experience: 5e, 3.5, Pathfinder, Dungeon World, Remember Tomorrow, Monster of the week... - Have run multiple campaigns in real life and virtually Why I do this: - D&D has been a part of my life for a long time, and some of my greatest friendships are through D&D - I love fantasy, so I absolutely love when the PCs beat me, save the world, rescue the needy, and triumph over evil - I love DMing because I get to experience and simultaneously create a story with 4-5 other people - I love the freedom that D&D gives that you can't find in a video game - I love getting to play 1 v 5 every combat, thinking like the monsters, then switching to a barkeep - it's a great creative outlet for me - I've enjoy making custom digital maps to fit any encounter Generally, if you’re looking to go deep in the rabbit hole, and work together as a team, and play the role of the hero, I’m the DM for you. I’m absolutely happy to teach new players as we go as well, 50% of my players are first time gamers, 50% are experienced and I can balance both in the same game. Currently I run: Sundays at 12:30 PM CST: D&D 5e, The Tavern's Task (private game, free, 2 hours, 2020-Present) Mondays at 7:30 PM CST: D&D 5e,Depths of Waterdeep (Call of the Netherdeep) ($10/player, 3 hours, new) Looking forward to hearing from you all, cheers!

GM style

- Living worlds that respond to the players actions - Believable NPCs each with their own unique voice, values, hopes, and more - Tie in character backstories whenever able/requested - Challenging, dynamic combat (run up and swing for 3 rounds? You won’t find that here) - GOOD and/or RELUCTANT heroes - I really cheer for the PC’s successes, not so much when they’re evil murderers - Very knowledgeable of 5e rules (by heart), happy to teach, and I tend to err on the side of the players (though we can talk about that in session 0 as a group)

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