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About me

Hi, I'm DM Dash! I am a fantasy lover. I have been writing stories since I was young and even participated in collaborative storytelling before I discovered the wonder of TTRPGs. I can usually be found learning about new lore or writing my own! I am an easy-going person that loves dark fantasy, high fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and mysteries. I was introduced to 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons by a good friend of mine 7 years ago and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks to ADHD, I absorbed tons of information rapidly and started running my own campaign two years after. So now I own a ton of books and have more kickstarters on the way! 😅 I’ve become a bit of a dice goblin. One thing that I did in the beginning of my DM journey is, I waited until I had been doing for at least a year and a half before I even started watching any actual play shows. I wanted to develop my own style of running games without falling into the “let’s be more like Monty, Brennan, or Matt.” My players and I have a ton of fun, and I love crafting unique stories, items, and challenges for them and I hope soon we get to play together!

GM style

My GM style is very story-forward. I love seeing the interactions between player characters; the environment, and allowing them to get immersed in the world. I tend to do a non-zero amount of NPC voices, but I don't require my players to do that. I just find that it is fun and adds a level of immersion to the world. I enjoy moments when players circumvent combat with creative problem-solving, but for good or for ill, there is always a consequence for every action taken. Things I don't tolerate: ►Cheating ►Bullying ►Excessive rules debates during sessions* ↠Once I make a ruling in the moment, please respect it and move on. ►Ignoring another player's lines/veils Things to expect: ►The use of safety tools. ►Any long-form campaign will have a session zero ►One-shots will have an extra hour tacked on for character generation ►I have a list of house rules that I let players choose from at the beginning of campaigns. ►All homebrew content will require my approval.

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