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Adrian Belle (PartyCrow)

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About me

Well well well, what have we here? Its a GM! I'm Adrian and I have some narrative tapestries weave. I have experience GMing D&D 5e, Monster of the Week, and Lasers and Feelings. I have a campaign planned out for each, in probably too much detail, but no players! All my notes and maps sit sadly tucked away because in person GMing is a Bad Idea. So come join some quests! I focus heavily on role playing, creative problem solving, and also creative problem making. New and experienced players welcome, but WARNING I have a bit of a potty mouth so these adventures are rated PG13.

GM style

I'm a heavy roleplay GM, and I do my best to give every NPC a distinct voice or cadence. Though, I can't seem to stop all my goons and henchmen from sliding into a Boston accent for some reason. Maybe that's just where I've seen a lot of goons. Hm. I'm also big on having a comfortable audio experience. That means I've got a good quality mic and I won't be making any horrible sounds into your ears. Believe me, I've had enough plastic opening, soda gulping, and food crunching blast through my headset, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone else. I don't like to divert games by going off on tangents, I prefer to stay in the moment and in the story, and I ask players to do the same. I know, especially being at home, things happen and your cat climbs you like a tree and then types a million letter h's with its butt, however, we'll try to keep life interruptions to a minimum. Whilst in a GM-ing role, I really, really, REALLY do not like to be interrupted or argued with. Not to say you can ask question or point things out, please do! But if you interrupt my description of a dragon to ask what color it is, or if you can take a surprise round, you're just asking for tragedy to befall you. The same goes for things like, if I tell you that Dragon is green, you better believe it's green. It's very cool that a book you read say green dragons live in the where-ever-the-heck, but this green dragon lives in my brain and is mine to do with as I please! But overall, I'm just a nice weird rp lover who wants to tell a good story that everyone has a part in and can enjoy. I hop you'll give me a chance and let me give you an adventure! I feel like I should sign off, Uhh, xoxo, heart emoji Adrian

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