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Drew Warren (Dlightful Dstruction)

Drew Warren (Dlightful Dstruction) (he/him)





3 years on StartPlaying

About me

I am a Dungeon Master with over three (3) years of experience and multiple positive reviews from my various players! I have managed to have multiple multi-level campaigns managing to even get one from level one (1) to TWENTY!! (20) lasting roughly two years (DND 5e). I am punctual, personable, and polite with any books you might need and more than willing to share. For a nominal fee I would be happy to work on and craft not only a story but even a world that you and your party members would be excited for every night we have planned. I have only ever missed sessions because my players had other responsibilities (Family, Holidays, Work) but I was and remain always available to help you craft or answer any rules questions you have about my game! My games are heavy on the RP and deadly on the combat but they are never unfair. I want you to have a great time first and foremost. I am very open to discussing third party options and Homebrew. I look forward to hearing from you and I also look forward to making campaigns and sessions that leave you craving more but never unsatisfied! I have these systems on hand and varying levels of experience with them (But I am more than happy to brush up on em if you wanna play in one!) : DND 5e, Pathfinder 2ndE, BESM 4th E, Vampire the Masquerade, Numenera, Savage Worlds

GM style

I love to do voices and foster as much immersion as possible! I want the game to feel like a world that you could actually live in! I want your enjoyment to be the most important part! I make sure that player agency is always respected and keep that in tact. You should always feel in control of your character. My tables are safe heavens for LGBTQ+ and anyone else who wants a friendly time with a taste of adventure.


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