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About me

By day a Divination Master (forensic analyst)... By night a Dungeon Master! Hello, fellow adventurers! My name is Austin, and I've been weaving tales of epic quests (and unintended hilarity) for four exciting years. As a lifelong fan of fantasy and storytelling, I have always been drawn to the infinite possibilities that Dungeons & Dragons offers for creating vivid, immersive worlds, and unforgettable characters. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of guiding players through thrilling adventures and daring deeds. D&D is my primary creative outlet, so you can expect me to be fully absorbed into the world and allow for creativity whenever inspiration strikes a player. I do extensive worldbuilding or world research for any campaign I create or module I run, so while I might need to reference the rulebook when a unique situation arises, I will always be ready with lore. As a Dungeon Master, my primary goal is to create a world that feels alive and responsive, where your character's actions have lasting consequences and their personal stories are interwoven with the very fabric of the world. I believe that the most memorable campaigns are those in which every player has a chance to shine, and I strive to provide ample opportunities for each character to grow and develop in ways that feel organic and true to their individual personalities and backgrounds. I typically *try* to do NPC voices, consider this fair warning. One might assume that my years of musical theater would have prepared me for voice acting… but here we are. Currently, I only know D&D 5e, however I am trying to branch out and am currently learning Pathfinder 2e.

GM style

My storytelling style emphasizes grand, world-spanning narratives that incorporate even the smallest of adventures into a vast, interconnected tapestry. I love crafting intricate plots and complex villains, always ensuring that the players remain at the heart of the story, driving the action forward and shaping the course of events. I try to create a dynamic and flexible gaming experience that adapts to the whims and desires of the players, exploring the full range of emotions and experiences that D&D has to offer, from nail-biting combat encounters to heartfelt moments of personal growth and introspection. My ultimate aim is to create a shared adventure that leaves everyone at the table with fond memories and wonderful stories. I run both pre-built modules as well as homebrew campaigns, whichever the players prefer. However, I feel modules don’t often give enough leeway and creative freedom, so I generally play pretty loose with modules, adding new mini-adventures, changing NPCs, incorporating player backstories, etc. to keep the pre-built content feeling fresh and exciting. So grab your dice, gather your party, and join me on this incredible journey through the realms. Together, we will forge a tale of epic proportions, and leave our mark on the annals of history!

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