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About me

I've been running and playing tabletop games for over 16 years. This has become my full time job and my longest running pro games are approaching 2 years old. I have a background in improv, acting, voice work, and comedy writing. I try to bring a narrative and roleplay friendly vibe to the games that I run. I love collaboration, and getting to build immersive stories with my players is the reason I play. I try to make the world feel as alive as possible, with NPCs that have motivations, and desires, and factions that work behind the scenes while the camera focuses on the players. You can check out any of my streamed games at to get an idea of my playstyle. š„š±š©šžš«š¢šžš§šœšž š†šŒ: I've been running all sorts of game systems for the last 16 years. I was also on the design team of Shattered, a successfully kickstarted and independently published horror RPG inspired by the 40k universe. š‚šØš¦šžšš²: I was a student and intern with the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC where I studied improv and comedy writing. š€šœš­š¢š§š : I studied acting at Stony Brook University š•šØš¢šœšž: I am an audiobook narrator and occasional commercial voiceover artist.

GM style

I like to run games with a focus on group storytelling. I love a good plot, but ultimately the focus of an RPG should be on the characters and how they affect the world and are affected in turn. I believe in giving characters unique moments to shine and giving weight to every choice. I love roleplaying and do a lot of voices too.


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