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Hello I'm Dire I've been playing RPG's, tabletops, writing stories and creating worlds for a substantial time and felt like I could offer up a unique experience to players that wanted to explore a homebrew world. I personally host games cause I like to give players an experience they can walk away from and feel like it was worth their time to be involved, to play their characters in ways they always wanted to but felt a little constrained by a module or world. I like to indulge my players while giving them a challenging experience, I'll happily let a warlock try build a cult but still challenge them every step of the way. I like to stray from the path and try my best to bring a unique fulfilling experience to all my players by creating a homebrew world that they can fully immerse them self in, rather then run modules I typically create worlds based on my characters and their backstories such as being a Greek Mythos based story where your all demi-gods trying to earn your way to Olympus or struggling survivors trying to scrape by in a vampire ruled world building settlements and trying to strike back at your oppressors.

GM style

I love roleplay and really like to engage my players with their stories such as I love finding new ways to involve their backstories, classes, their motivations and downfalls as I personally find it more interesting when a character doesn't just rise but falls. Sometimes getting knocked down to come back stronger and like to make my players feel that heroic moment of taking down an enemy that beat them so easily before. Combat comes down to my players if they want a very crunchy hard as nails campaign I can certainly give that to them and make sure their characters feel like there living on the edge of danger, having to consider their resources. I love engaging my players with new ideas, got a character you really want to make potions when we're traveling, camps or base? I'm fully willing to make an entire DC table for your character or roll and check making potions on. Even if it's something not typically done in dnd, got a druid that really wants to do gardening ? sure we can figure something out and make them a little garden plot. I make all my maps myself and love hiding little details and things around the maps for my players so there's never an empty room or a corridor with no reason.

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