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About me

I'm Morgan, a Game Master with over 2 years of experience under my belt. In those two years, I've led players through battles against goblins, hordes of undead, battalions of bandits and the fiercest of dragons. I'm a freelance content creator by trade but I am full of countless stories of wonder and fantasy waiting to be told. I love creating new worlds for people to explore and bringing players on epic adventures. I believe that TTRPGs are a collaborative storytelling effort and I want to ensure that the players are living the story. I want them to feel safe and comfortable while they enjoy the story that unravels before them. Feel free to book me for campaigns that you want to run or even develop homebrew campaigns for you to explore!

GM style

🎲 I believe the TTRPGs give us a brilliant creative spark and a safe space we need to live out heroic fantasies or daring capers. These spaces are opportunities to create incredible adventures through the wonder of collaborative storytelling. 🗺️ I love developing interesting worlds for the players to enjoy. Do you want to sail through the skies as Sky-Pirates? Would you rather plunder deep, dark caves created by burrowing dragons? I live for creating worlds that are begging to be explored. ⚔️ I like to keep players on their toes with interesting combat encounters. It'll be extremely rare that you encounter the same situation more than once in the entire campaign. There may be the same enemies so you can use what knowledge you've gained from defeating them before, but maybe the surroundings are more hostile or maybe they've learned something about you. 🎭 Role-play is always an important part of TTRPGs. Brilliant role-playing will always lead to rewards, from inspiration to information about magic items or the NPC is so charmed by you, they give you an extra bit of cash. I love exploring character backstories and how they would interact with NPCs, and maybe even people from their past.


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