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About me

I'm 37, born and raised in California in the United States, I am a high school social science teacher, stage actor and self-published author. I have been roleplaying since 1995 when my older brother introduced me to the first two Rifts books. I was immediately hooked! I played as an eager adventurer with my brother and his older friends as my Gamemasters. It was not long though that I wanted to take the reigns of running my own games and even though I was always eager to play or run, I wasn't very good. I made more gaming friends as I aged and started playing Vampire: The Masquerade Live Action Roleplaying, which was where I first connected with the job of running a game. After learning from older peers and my betters, I started to show a talent for telling stories and portraying memorable NPCs. I really started to make impressions running big LARP games of 40-60 people, but it wasn't until I retired from that scene after more than fifteen years that I really embraced the power of running table top games. I'm best known in my gaming circles as the guy who runs really complex, intricate, and sophisticated political Vampire games, but I have also made a good name for myself in epic metaplot stories and original content for World of Darkness. Sociology and politics interest me academically so I love any game that has a good political setting like World of Darkness, Legend of the Five Rings, Pathfinder, Numenera, or others! My passion is for telling stories in these worlds that are believable and allow you to let go of who you are and actually feel like you're in another world for a while.

GM style

I have an eclectic GM style, I like political intrigue, bouts of horrendously challenging combat, and deep melodramatic roleplay. I try to incorporate something for everyone in a campaign and keep a steady pace to my game that gives it the feeling of freshness and movement. I like to use character voices for my NPCs and have a wide battery of interesting dialects and speech patterns on offer. I've also been known to write poems in various rhyming schemes or without as well as compose and sing songs in the right instance. The key is immersion, I love soundtracks and character artwork as well as dense downtime scenes written out by my players.


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