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About me

Hi! My name is Kenny, though online I usually go by DGThunderer or just "DG". I grew up and live on the east coast US. I first got invested in role-playing games with a live-action LARP group and have been hooked ever since. Before I even knew about tabletop RPGs I was creating my own TTRPG that I also called LARP: "LEGO action role-playing". As an adult, I have continued to tell stories. I have been involved in community theater since I graduated from college in 2013. I have found a passion for telling stories through DMing and have been running games since shortly after my graduation. I love digging deeper to explore any story no matter if that's the story of the world, the story of a player character, or the story of that random NPC the players inexplicably grow attached to.

GM style

I am an experienced DM having run games since 2014. I love to create with my players so whether it's your character background, world-building, or homebrew content I want to see what ideas you have to bring. I also love sharing my passion for tabletop role-playing games with new players so if that's you, welcome, I'm so glad you're here. I see D&D as cooperative narration with occasional times where the dice hit a hot or cold streak and force a change of plans. Because of this, I want to see all narration paths through including the story you have for your character. So I hope you'll join me in this art of creating amazing stories together.

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