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About me

I've been playing and running tabletop games since the mid 1990s. I loved creating and running stories for my friends, as well as fun and interesting characters to be a part of a shared story (and to provide a little entertainment for whomever was running the game as well). Over the last 25 plus years I've enjoyed meeting new friends and making connections playing in person and online. I see the process of running a game as a way to build connections with people and to have a shared experience where the goal is to have fun creating a shared story. As a game master, my role is to facilitate the world that your characters find themselves in To make it an interesting, fun, engaging place that you want to be a part of and explore regardless of if we are playing a full campaign, short campaign, or a one shot. Im a married father of 3, language and humanities teacher, former writer and annoncer for radio. Table top games are my one big hobby. I've taken the time to familiarize myself with Roll20 Foundry and Owlebear Rodeoover the last few years during the pandemic. I am a big proponent of providing a safe space for games regardless of background and not exceeding comfort zones. I believe that any game I run should be a safe space for any player regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age or other demographic grounds. I believe in open communication as well as the rule of cool, and while I will often default to the rules or at the very least the spirit of them, I will gladly bend them for something interesting that makes the game more enjoyable for all. I believe the ability to improvise is just as important as the ability to plan and I try to find a solid balance between combat, social roleplay, exploration, and investigation. I do occasionally run Dungeons and Dragons 5E but much prefer Numenera, Mothership, Altais, and the Multitude of Settings available for Savage Worlds and Tiny D6 (and intend to put together a number of Free learn to play one shots for these systems in the coming days).

GM style

I go with a balance of the following 4 elements, combat, investigation, social/RP, and exploration, negotiating how much of each based on the groups interests and what the scenario calls for. I do voices or don't based on the adventure and the feel of the group and do have some experience doing voice acting through radio ad production. I lean more towards what works best for a group, believe in consistant ruling on rules and using RAW as a framework for setting disputes, but also to allow the rule of cool to make its appearances as merited. I am not a "crunchy tactical combat" guy, combat can be a big part of adventures but should not bog it down. I think that agency, as in advancing the story through RP, and dice rolling need to have their moments. I typically don't do established modules and prefer to create adventures in a home brew or established setting. I like meeting and playing with people of all ages and backgrounds and want you to feel as welcome at my (virtual) table as I would want to feel if your were a guest in my home. During session 0 (or with a one shot, the intro stage) I think its important to have those discussions as a group to make sure what everyone is fine with and not fine with and to not push boundaries. I don't do and ERP and when it come to romantic entanglements in games I FTB. I am fine with chit chat and off topic conversation, but also remember that the reason we are meeting is to play a game and have fun. That said, I consider any game where everyone leaves having had a good time a win and a success.

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