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Dax Levine
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Dax Levine

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About me

“First, Dax sets the tone with background music. His deep baritone voice describes the heavily wooded area your party is traversing. His vivid descriptions make the world around you tangible, and you could almost swear you actually feel the crunch of dead leaves and twigs beneath your feet. The music turns dramatic. An arrow flies by your face. Your heart starts racing. You roll initiative and fear for your life. With Dax, you don’t get two-dimensional NPCs or world. You get the intense immersion expected from a master.” – Trevor S., Tax Attorney, California

GM style

Specializes in immersive roleplaying and fast-paced combat. “As a Dungeon Master, Dax’s best skill is his ability to immerse players in the world of the game. Through music and his vocal acting, he is able to weave a story as the players, well, play! He is really good at reading players and intelligently adapting to their needs... I don’t compare anyone to Matthew Mercer lightly, but Dax Levine is a Mercer-level Dungeon Master.” -Cameron A, Theatre Arts Admin

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