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About me

I have been GMing for over 7 years. I've run games in various settings and for many player types including at conventions and for kids. I love introducing new people to the TTRPG world as well as playing with experienced players. I enjoy running written material, but have also created a diverse home brewed world that can encompass numerous themes and play styles.

GM style

I generally balance the pillars of play (exploration, combat, social), with narrative at the core. The story is the driving force in my games and it informs the elements of game play. I can easily improvise new games depending on player decisions. Combat - Ranges from simple, short narrative combat to difficult. Normally not too complicated Social - I create engaging and interesting NPC's and use a variety of voices. Interactions with NPC's cause realistic reactions and consequences. Some social intrigue and politics, but I don't often use politics as the entire focus of a game. Exploration - I use varied environments and locations with a mix of traps environmental hazards and puzzles. I typically create smaller dungeons, but am happy running larger dungeon survival games as well.

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