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About me

Hi, intrepid heroes! My name is Aiman and I've been dungeoning dragons for the better part of 8 years. Three years ago, I thought I'd dig into that deeper hole of GMing just for kicks and giggles; I haven't seen the sun since... I've had players sleuth, slay, stab, swashbuckle, sing, and scared shitless through Eberron's Noire, the Forgotten Realms' Fantasy, and Wildemount's majesty. On top of that, I regularly plunder lore and loot ideas from many a medium, from classic fantasy novels a la Lord of the Rings, to kickass actual play shows like Dimension 20, to movies like that one about that galaxy that's really far from here. All worlds and genres are welcome!

GM style

You'll hear voices that run the gamut from charmingly smooth to raucously bad, the kind of roleplaying even a stone giant would call heavy, and buckwild yet tactical combat that even the gods'll want to join in on (but pls no, I don't wanna have to TPK). Last but not least, even though I'm a zealous world builder, my games are intensively character driven: a delve into ancient ruins, a cache of arcane loot, or the group of beasts that go thump are all chosen and built off of what players and I will have gone over for their character choices and backstories. Whether in a homebrew campaign or a published module, it's as much your world as it is mine!

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