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About me

Time for Adventure! Hi I am Darrian, I began playing TTRPG 3 years ago and have begun to branch out into a Game Master. My goal is to bring you and enriching experience and a wonderful adventure for you and your party members. I have backgrounds in theater mechanics and video game design. World building and presentation are very important to me and I want to put those skills to good use helping you quest and have a enjoyable experience. Why is Dungeons and Dragons Fun? TTRPG games have something to offer every kind of person. Are you creative or artistic? - Create characters or even worlds by your design. Face challenges and puzzles with creative or even crazy ideas. Do you like social environments or just small groups? - most games have up to about 6 players at most, you do not have to be a social butterfly to have fun, and getting to interact with others can be considred a healthy part of life. Do you prefer solving problems with numbers and stats? - Every great team needs great tacticains of strategists, and there is plenty of information to soak up and capitilize on. To me DnD became a great way for friends and people to interact and socialize, creatively think, and use teamwork to solve interesting challenges and puzzles. This also helped me learn a little bit about myself that I could utilize away from the game table.

GM style

I respect the holy Trinity of Combat, Role-play, and Exploration. I have experience in catering to all of these needs. Weather we want a specific field or a blend we can work it out. My personal favorite is a good strong Role-play/Exploration adventure and to reinforce that with meaningful combat sessions that push you to consider your options, learn how to utilize your character, and define your own play-style. My play-style focuses on setting a good group attitude and having fun. Rules, mechanic, and lore can be very overwhelming to some players. Try anything and worry about the rules after that! The beauty of games like these is that YOU the players narrate the story and anything can happen. As a DM I can make sure rules of play are intact and the session is moving foreward, allowing you to get comfortable and creative. The best stories are the ones that come having an enjoyable experince together. I look forward to it!

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