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Hello! Welcome to the beginning of a chapter and to my pocket of our shared reality. I'm thankful you exist. For the past 5 years, I've been creating a multiverse and a story about transcending dissonance through love. For the past 2 years, I've been working as a professional storyteller, running D&D campaigns that follow the narrative I've been building. I've created hundreds of NPCs, dozens of cities, several organizations, and a ton of other details along the way. The newest chapter is about breaking time and transcending the perspective of discrete consciousness. Recently, I've been studying full stack web development and building an online resource for myself and for players to easily access information about Aether. It's going to take a while to get it together, and I want to use it as a focal point for collaborations with other creators. I'm not looking to attract a hundred players to maximize my income. Mine is a journey of self-discovery and of community. So if you don't resonate with Aether, it's all good. I'm sure you'll hear about it again later. You can join our journey if you'd like. If not, I hope you find your people soon.

GM style

tldr; my job is to find a way to make your ideas happen, not to explain why they can't. My older sister is a brilliant person, one of remarkable determination with a passion for life. She has witnessed the elevating elation of existence and the aggressive anguish of the abyss, surviving the incessant tides of emotion. She calls me a perspective scientist. When I present an NPC, I'm not utilizing details like accents and characteristics and mannerisms to craft a facade, to approximate a person, to put on a show. I begin with understanding their perspective, their emotions, their experiences. The details are secondary to the person. That comes from my understanding of what you are. If you are like me, there's a vast and profound inner reality that only you experience. I see people often get caught up in the details, projecting their biases onto what they imagine you must be. I meet people where they are, and I make a safe space for them. There is a space for you here. The Multiverse of Aether undoubtedly flows from my mind, but its expression isn't mine alone. I share these stories and give power to the players. I offer a collaborative storytelling experience, bending or abandoning rules-as-written in favor of making sense and having fun. I'd love to help you join the story.

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