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About me

Hello there! My name is Daphne, and I'm a singer/songwriter who plays guitar and sings in a band called Daphne + The Glitches, as well as a couple other bands in and around the Phoenix area. After having wanted to play DND for many years but never being able to get a game together, my drummer mentioned that he DMs, and had been wanting to run Rime of the Frostmaiden. After my first session I was hooked, and after making it all the way from first level to sixth, and then our party falling apart, I decided that I wanted to try my hand a DMing myself. I've run several games since then, mostly as a DM, but a few as a player, and I just can't get enough. My current main group is running Spelljammer, a setting I've grown quite fond of since it has so much literal and figurative space to explore! I love taking my players out into Wildspace and further into the Astral Sea, making sure they never know what kind of space battles, creatures and worlds they might encounter on their journey! I love running campaigns as written, but probably have the most fun when players are down with me take a little creative liberty to make sure they always stay on their toes, not knowing exactly how things are going to play out. Love building worlds with players and telling great stories together! Happy to tailor the experience to the group and make sure it's a great time for everyone involved.

GM style

As a Dungeon Master, I've earned the title 'the Captain Kirk of DMs.' Charismatic and courageous, I lead players through epic quests with confidence, infusing humor and diplomacy into a dynamic and immersive storytelling experience. Loyalty to the narrative and strategic thinking define my approach. I prioritize player satisfaction, tailoring sessions based on their preferences. Whether you crave NPC interactions with unique voices, challenging combat, intricate puzzles, or a mix of everything, I'm here to craft a fulfilling TTRPG adventure. Let's embark on a gaming journey where your priorities shape the narrative and every session is uniquely yours.


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