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About me

Hey there! I'm Dandy and I've been a DM for over eight years now, exploring all sorts of systems. At the moment, I'm specializing in Dungeons and Dragons 5e and World of Darkness. I love making lore-heavy games with intensive and deep world-building, deep roleplays and opportunities for character growth, interaction and development. I am a transmasculine freelance artist and illustrator as well, having many years of experience in both artwork and character design and creation. With both my love of artwork and storytelling, being a dungeon master has become a blessing on my life. It's given me so many amazing opportunities and experiences to meet many people from so many different walks of life perspectives. Being able to share my ideas, worlds, and experiences with people is my pride and joy. I'm looking forward to creating a story with you, too!

GM style

I create extremely lore intense games with deep world building, roleplay, character development, and intrigue. I give characters voice and personality, provide extremely tactical and tight combat, and let every player and character shine. My games have strategic combat, epic adventures, and exploration. I'm also an artist, and draw and produce all of my maps, NPCs, artwork and assets. I even work with my partner to create custom music tracks to add to the very customized experience, hand-tailored by me. I believe in the rule of fun over all! While I may be very versed in how the systems and games work, the enjoyment of players, the opportunity to have special moments, and the growth of story and characters will always take front and center stage when it's the most important. As the storyteller, I want all of my players to create their own worlds and stories within my worlds and stories, where everyone can shine equally as bright and be the protagonists of the story. With it, I have the belief that players should have very high advocacy in my campaigns, letting them take the reigns and letting the world be shaped by their character's choices, consequences and actions. While I hand-draw all of my maps, combats and interactions are fast, fluid, and sometimes maps may even be drawn on the go! I am a master at improvising, and am flexible with wherever the players wish to go as a group. Freedom is paramount to me, and I wish to give all of my players the best, most immersive experiences possible.

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