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About me

Howdy adventurer! Do you come here often? Me? Oh I'm just another nerd spending too much time imagining things that can never actually be in real life. Then, I found a game called Dungeon & Dragons.. It all began in a dark night, when a dark man awaits, with a dark purpose.. 150 years ago, a friend of mine came to me with a red booklet and offered me to play a game of imagination. Said I could be a fighter, a wizard using magic, or a creature of legends like an Elf or a Dwarf.. Little did I know at the time how deep into these imagination this innocent offer will take me. I started my journey into the rabbit (Harengon?) hole of Table Top Role Playing Games, and I'm still curious to see where it takes me, and who I might meet on this never-ending quest. What is the goal you ask? Well for that my friend, I have a simple answer. Although I am not the first one nor the last one to use these words - My purpose is sail beyond the sunset! To boldly go where no man (or humanoid of any gender) has gone before. To seek out new life, new civilization. New versions of the multiverse. And you, my new friend, are invited to share this journey with me. Will you kindly accept? Send me a friends request on discord please, if your answer is yes I'm "gmbear"

GM style

Mostly, my games are action based. There's a good story, good RP, deadly battle encounters.. In a session you will roll initiatives a few times, might drop unconscious (hopefully won't die), and will play your character and interact with the other characters, the npcs, the monsters and the setting, and the story. I'm a big fan of an open world, and players agency. I follow most of the rules as they are written, and have a few house rules. My players say I'm "kind and fair" and give them a good D&D experience, which is what they were looking for.

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