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About me

Everyone deserves to be a hero for a few hours! As a Wizard who attended a theater college, I live for moments when the complex lines of fate, player choices, & game mechanics tangle in dramatic ways. In the real world, I’m a graphic novelist & children’s book writer with a background in theme park design & immersive theater (like Sleep No More). Players of all experience levels are welcome. I love introducing people to games & have had success with first time players of all ages (children, teens, & adults). Majestic fantasy, gritty consequences, lite horror, mysteries, & deep lore are my bread, butter, & everything else you want on a sandwich. Let’s make you a hero! Or villain…? Either way, it’ll be epic. Gaming content/creators I love: Critical Role - Dungeons and Daddies - Seth Skorkowsky - WebDM - Matt Colville & MCDM Productions - Jorphdan & Forgotten Realms Explained Stories/Media I love: Myths and Legends Podcast - Agatha Christie’s Poirot - Great British Baking Show - V for Vendetta - The Lord of the Rings - His Dark Materials - Monty Python (everything) - M*A*S*H - Cabin in the Woods - The Truman Show - Spirited Away - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Attack on Titan - Farscape - Teen Titans - Avatar: The Last Airbender

GM style

EXPLORATION: The game’s story is created through players’ interactions with the world. It’s only through your explorations that the plot comes to light. I love weaving mysteries into my world that the players can unravel. World building is my passion. I craft in depth mythologies and cultures to make the world come to life. I develop lore throughout my game to incorporate character backstories and discoveries. Ask questions and you will be rewarded! I often integrate puzzles and mini games into social, exploration, and combat scenarios for a little extra spice. ROLE PLAY: All great stories are led by strong characters. Great games are the same! I use voices and mannerisms to distinguish characters. My background in improvisation is constantly getting a work out. That being said, I’m fine with players who prefer to describe their characters, rather than “act” them out. As long as your choices feel sincere and consistent, that’s good roll play! COMBAT: Combat should be fair, face-paced, and epic. I opt to make rulings on the fly rather than search for exact wording. Y’all are heroes! So maybe the rules don’t always apply. If no one has an unfair advantage and the actions are logical, we’re smooth sailing. That being said: Challenging and evolving combat scenarios are my jam. I have a soft spot for big encounters with moving parts, experimental rules, and fun terrain. I custom make my maps with Dungeondraft and they’re gorgeous. However, off-roading into theater of the mind is welcome when needed. Miscellaneous Preferences: • Milestone Leveling > Tracking Experience Points • Sandbox > Railroad • Rule of Cool > Rules as Written • Role Play > Dice Roll • Respect and Active Listening are Key! Games Offered (for all ages!): • How to Play DnD Session • Custom: One Shots - Mini Campaigns - Long Campaigns • Modules: Storm King’s Thunder - Lost Mines of Phandelver - Troika! The Blancmange & Thistle • Gladiator Games: Battle Royals - Capture the Flagon


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