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About me

There is no better way to experience a narrative, than by the way of collaborative storytelling. I've been introduced into the world of TTRPG some 8 years ago, and I can't imagine my life without it ever since. After some on-and-off campaigns I took the reigns as a DM for the first time 5 years ago - and those 5 years have been filled to the brim with one-shot campaigns, long-form narratives, spanning wolds, systems, tables... Collaborative Storytelling is, for me, the highest performative artform and an amazing creative output. I love building worlds and crafting stories by joined creativity, as a GM with my players, or collaboratively as a storyteller. I just cannot wait for what another adventure has in store! When it comes to GMing I always emphasise the vision of those I'm fortunate enough to play with, and build the narrative around the player character's stories, backstories and the player's vision. My first priority is to create a safe and welcoming space, so that everyone feels included in the story that we create, in a safe and satisfactory way. We lay the ground rules and priorities together, ensure everybody's safety and comfort, and within those margins create a story that we really want to experience. I firmly believe that TTRPG's are for everyone and anyone, no matter who or how you are - and it's also a place that you can be anybody you want to be, in any way that you wish! There are no boundaries, there is only potential. Let us craft a story together, and see where it takes us!

GM style

I want to tell a story WITH my players, and ABOUT my player's characters. The collaborative aspect of play is of the utmost importance for me. I want to run games dictated by players needs, wants, and ambition, and their character's story. PC's are the main protagonists! And I want to run my games with that in mind. When it comes to the technical aspects of play - I tend to focus more on the theater of the mind, focus on emotion and impression, I absolutely love doing voices (I'm a voice actor apart from being a GM), and will always use a curated soundtrack for our games. I have a lot of RPG playlists, best believe! Whether you'd like to play some emotional teen drama, a witty comedy sitcom, or an intense gritty dungeon crawl - as long as that's what you want to play, I'm down for it! Whether a challange is what you seek, or a warm and lightearted experience, or anything in between, as long as you're ready to tell the story or your character with me - we're going to have some bloody great time together.


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