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About me

Feel free to contact me via Discord, either send me a friend request: "creaperbox" or join my discord: Hi, I am Creaper or Tayla (she/Her), and I am 24 years old. I Hail from the beautiful country of Switzerland. I am currently studying Game Design at the ZHdK (Zurich University of Arts). I enjoy playing and making games, including board games, video games, tabletop games, and more. As a player and GM of TTRPG, I love playing sandbox-style games and focusing on character backstories that influence the main story. I also enjoy collaborative storytelling, providing situations for the players to experience and adjusting to the decisions being made. I have GM'ed TTRPGs for almost 8 years and played for about 5. For almost 4 years, I have been developing my own system, but it will still take some time to finish.

GM style

New Players 🍀 I am always open to new players; no experience is needed in any system or the specific system being played. Learn to play with my games, and I love to take the time to help you create a character. Safety 🔒 Any Lines & Veils will be adhered to. Every player can either privately or publicly add any Lines or Veils. Accidents happen; sometimes, something gets mentioned despite it being part of a Veil or a Line. But if it happens more often or intentionally, the player will be removed. Roleplay 🎙️ My games are roleplay-heavy; there will be combat, and actions will have consequences. Be aware that there might be a few consecutive sessions which won't include combat. Combat, like many other things, is primarily plot-relevant; only very few random encounters will happen. Character Driven 🧙 My games will be character-driven. Backstories are an important aspect of the game and will influence the story we tell together. You do not need to write a novel (I would love to read it!). But I will request some wishes, goals, secrets, and fears that drive your character and determine where you want your character to go. These can be modified during the game. Rules & Rule of Cool 📜 We mostly try to stick to the rules, but certain situations might require an improvised ruling. I do cherish player creativity, so feel free to try and use your spells, not specifically as written. The rule of cool will apply when I think something makes more sense than what the rules say or when the situation is too awesome for the rules to ruin it. Drawing 🖼️ I often draw my own characters when playing. A player can get their character art from the web, I can provide an extremely simplistic portrait for free, or you can commission me to draw your character in more detail and full body.


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