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About me

I first fell in love with TTRPGs as a teenager. My first love was Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 and its boardgame version (ah Mialee and your underwhelming capabilities). Sadly, life got in the way and my darling was out of reach for a long while but I continued to explore many other venues of roleplaying. For a long time, I didn't wander much towards mechanics-driven games and mostly focused on storytelling, the social aspect of roleplaying and on worldbuilding. They were overall a great experience but there was always that itch, that memory of those other games I really enjoyed. Two years ago, I finally decided to return to my passion and my, they were as beautiful as the day I lost them! Ever since, I've become a very active DM and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. What brought me here is this love of cooperative storytelling in the rich world offered by those games. DMing is for me a wonderful experience, being able to create a world and see it breathe and grow through the adventures and ideas of my players. I love to see the joy and laughter of my players and I hope we can share some together.

GM style

As a DM, what I favour the most is consistency and plausibility. I wish to encourage my players to be creative and to interact with the world at large, although one that does not solely revolve around the protagonists of our story. Actions should have logical consequences, whether they were foreseen or not. Many of my dungeons or sessions ended on an improvisational note. After all, we're here to play our adventure, not playtest a module as written! I am a big fan of roleplay and I am always more than willing to give time and room for those moments. I also very much enjoy using the backstories of my players to feed into the story while respecting what I mentioned previously about consistency and plausibility. Combat and mechanics-focused encounters are probably an aspect of the game on which I am quite flexible. I generally try to adapt how in-depth and difficult those challenges are to the experience the players have. Nonetheless, when I see everyone has a good grasp of the game, you'll have to rely on your wits to triumph. Your adversaries will think tactically, and the encounters will change depending on your actions and the general evolving situation. Concerning tone, I generally try to strike a balance between silliness and seriousness. I intend for the world to be mostly grounded and plausible while encouraging a more level-headed experience. As much as I enjoy bits of silliness, goofiness, and cartoonish moments, I believe they are a lot more effective as bits. At the same time, even when dealing with a darker theme, I prefer to show restraint and not overdo grim and misery. I generally try to make a point to polish presentation regarding narration, battle maps and audio ambience but of course, the wilder the session gets, the more hand-drawn black and white battle maps will get.

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