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About me

I am Robert, also known as DM Cope. I am a father and avid Roleplaying gamer with 15 years of experience, primarily in D&D and Pathfinder. I have led many long-term campaigns and have found that roleplaying has been a great way for me to cope with difficult situations. I am also a Marine veteran, having served honorably for 6 years and achieved the rank of Sergeant. After leaving the military, I worked in the paving industry, building my parents' paving company in southern California, working as a general contractor and eventually taking a job with a national paving company where I paved many of the Costcos on the West coast. However, I ultimately left that life behind to focus on being there for my children as they grew up. Currently, I am working on multiple side projects, one of which is seeking players for my D&D campaign. My goal is not to get rich, but rather to do something I enjoy while covering my bills. I believe that finding something you love and making it a priority in your life is crucial. I invite you to join me in my world of Ra-Tuk, and experience the adventure and excitement of D&D together. Slippering Sands In the coastal town of Al Zalbia, a new adventure awaits. This ancient hub of trade has been a source of wealth and adventure for centuries, with its golden dunes, tombs to be plundered, and harsh environment providing challenges for the brave and the bold. Recently, the kingdom has seen a change in leadership. King Amir was murdered, and in the power vacuum, a self-proclaimed prophet from the gods, Prophet Rheabia Kalid, has taken control. However, King Amir's daughter, Princess Ameria, is determined to reclaim her rightful throne and restore order to the kingdom. This is not just a story of kings and queens fighting for power, but a tale of adventure, trials, tribulations, and the struggles of the common people. The Kalid Kingdom is currently recruiting tradesmen, artists, scholars, and even street cleaners to help in the development of the "Floating City in the Desert." This has forced the Kalid to accept "imports" (non-believers of the Kalid faith) into their society, in order to secure a peaceful future. In this world, anything and everything is possible. Gunpowder technology is available, allowing for the use of firearms in the game with specific rules set by the DM. Gods, magic, and all manner of creatures may be encountered in these lands. Players are encouraged to come up with creative and unique characters, as long as they are approved by the DM. Join us in Al Zalbia and discover the riches, dangers, and excitement of this desert kingdom. HARD LIMITS – As the DM, I want to ensure that all players feel comfortable and safe during our sessions. If you have any concerns or are considering certain topics in your character or story, please bring them up to me so we can discuss them. Also, during the session, if at any point you feel uncomfortable, please speak up and we will fast forward to a different point in the story or take a break as necessary. The main goal is for all of us to have a good time and enjoy the game together.

GM style

As the DM, I have been fortunate to have a great group of players who fully embrace their characters and add to the depth and immersion of the game. I am passionate about roleplaying and enjoy building and developing NPCs to bring my world to life. I have invested a significant amount of time in creating a rich and dynamic world with a wide range of events and characters for players to interact with. I look forward to guiding my players through the world of Ra-Tuk and exploring all it has to offer.

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