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About me

Hi there! My name is Ewan and I've been DMing games for six years. I focus mostly on Dungeons and Dragons 5e, but I've also run PF2e, Forged in the Dark, Call of Cthulhu, and a wild amount of indie games. My favourite current system is Those Dark Places. I'm absolutely influenced by DMs like Brennan Lee Mulligan, Brian "Murph" Murphy, and Troy Lavallee. I also bring my own unique spin to everything I do! And that spin is twenty years of writing, a whole bunch of improv training, and a Master's in cultural studies, focusing on philosophy and literature. With me, you're going to be getting an in depth experience that leans into exploring your character's story and goals; how do they deconstruct how they view the world? What makes them tick? How do they handle the rigours of adventure? If you like the moments in Dimension 20 and NADDPOD where characters wonder about the philosophical ramifications of a violent universe? I am the DM for you. I've been building fully realised worlds since I was a child; my greatest joy is having people play in them. I've been told I can both paint a picture with words and bring out the emotion in roleplay. The settings I've developed myself have thousands of years of history to explore within them, and I've run almost every official WotC DnD 5e module, along with converting at least one ADnD 2e module. I have a lot of practice bringing worlds to life for my players. All I ask you to bring is an open heart.

GM style

I love to roleplay. I love to create worlds for others to roleplay in. I'm not great at character voices, so I try to make up for that by making every NPC memorable in their own way - deep backstories, lore, secrets and their own drivers. I like setting up environments for my players to explore and find secrets for. I like weaving big conspiracies and leaving clues session after session and listening to players construct the clues into a whole. I love to set up moral quandaries and ethical grey areas. Political machinations are my jam. I like setting up tricky puzzles, and I like combat, but my favourite thing is tense, interesting roleplay.

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