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About me

I'm a friendly, easy going, and fun full time professional Game Master that loves voice acting and story writing. My passion for DnD has led me to be an Adventurer for 12 years and Dungeon Master for 7. I've run Homebrew and Official Campaign modules for years with my favorite part of TTRPGs being the community I get to play with and run campaigns for. I'd love to get you meet you and run a fun, vast, and immersive campaign together! My campaigns tend to be more intense, serious, gritty, and horror themed so if that sounds great to you, I would love to have you join in on my community!

GM style

Having previously been a full time Streamer, Voice Actor, and Artist allows me to bring a slew of talents to the table for your immersion and entertainment! I can get nitty and gritty with a plethora of voices including monsters and accents. I have years of experience managing group environments so its where I thrive the most, I love bringing people together so I can confidently say anyone is welcome and I will make sure EVERYONE feels welcomed! I love a good storyline, undertones of horror, tension, and mystery always fills the air in my campaigns. I'll have you walking a tightrope of moral decisions while worrying about the well-being of those around you. My combat style is balanced; while I punish mistakes, I do also reward smart and tactical decisions. My #1 goal is that YOU have the best time you can have!


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