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About me

I have been in love with TTRPGs since I was a young paladin slaying a snow yeti in a game that my dad ran when I was eight years old. Since then, TTRPGs and I have been inseparable. They are my absolute favorite form of entertainment, no exceptions. While I love GMing and playing equally, my group has always asked that I GM for them because of my talent for worldbuilding, improvisation and running character driven stories in my games. My goal is for players to feel like their actions have a real and noticeable effect on the world (whether in a big or small way). I am a firm believer in the Rule of Cool. The systems that I am most skilled at running are D&D 5e and any Powered by the Apocalypse games (Dungeon World, Masks, Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark, etc.). Other systems that I am familiar with and can run are Shadowrun 3e, Zweihander, Three Sixteen and 13th Age, in no particular order. Beyond that, I'm willing to give most games a try, but would need to learn the system. Lastly, I am queer and gender affirming, so don't let nervousness or anxiety stop you from reaching out!

GM style

I am roleplay first. In combat, I encourage in-character communication and dramatic actions over optimized choices. I can balance any amount of combat, but will always push for roleplay during battle---dramatic actions over optimal choices. I take the agenda from the Powered by the Apocalypse books rather seriously. I root for the PCs. They are the heroes in our story for me too, and I do not keep strictly to the rules when it comes to what is in the PC's favor. Rule of cool! I keep to homebrewed worlds as much as possible. I know Faerun well enough to run games in it, but I thrive when I have creative control over my own setting and can add or subtract elements to allow characters to fit into it in creative ways. Sadly, I am not a voice actor and I'm not great with accents, but I try to vary speech enough to differentiate between most NPCs.

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