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About me

Hello, my name is Elijah, known online as Eggy! I am a dedicated Gamemaster that has over 5 years of experience in DMing alone, and about 8 years as a player! I have a different style than a lot of DMs, I write Grimdark, story driven, fantastical settings. Now when I say Grimdark, I don't mean I am against the players, the world state my games are run in, as well as the themes that take place in it are ones that are dark, bleak, and danger lurks around every corner. I love writing, I have always had a passion for it, and I love the opportunities that present themselves with things like D&D, immersing people in my writing is one of my favorite things ever. So if you're looking for a fully immersive and dark setting to bring out the best in you and your characters, I will work with you and deliver that dark adventure setting you've been craving.

GM style

Huge believer in Rule of Cool. I love to experiment and push the boundaries and bend the rules a lot in my settings! I love roleplay in my campaigns, I run very story driven and dark settings. I'm great with character voices, able to do a plethora of accents and different cadences. I also love to experiment with plenty of homebrew, and add a lot of my own things to my settings. Artificer weapons, new powers and abilities, monsters, etc. I like to use a mixture of real life influence when it comes to my setting as well, different regions will have different cultures and accents that reflect real life cultures and accents.

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