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About me

I’ve been excited to DM (or GM) games since the early days. I’ve played and GM’d every version of D&D, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Marvel Superheroes, Shadowrun, every version of Star Wars RPGs, and numerous different Savage Worlds campaigns. I love strong stories, good role playing and solid tactical combat. I use Roll20 and Discord as a GM. I’ve run one shot games at conventions and campaigns spanning multiple years both in person and online.

GM style

Overall, my games will be very heavy on story and moving the plot forward. I do love ACTION and will sometimes nudge the game forward with an action based encounter. I will often describe my play style as ‘Beer and Pretzels’ because of the focus on action and adventure vs. deep thoughtful sessions. Evil is prevalent and must be stopped. The characters are the heroes, if sometimes morally ambiguous. I love roleplaying, tactical combat, and interesting stories. I do use voices on occasion, but not always. I use art, sound effects (usually my own voice), and encourage a lot of interaction with players. In person games have miniatures, maps, terrain, props, tokens etc. I try to imbue that feel for virtual games. I use Roll20 as a GM. I know people enjoy other tools, but that is my tool of choice.

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