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About me

I am a GM who values a strong narrative and enjoys collaborative storytelling. I want to create an environment where your characters experience growth and have opportunities to display their ideals and flaws. Role-play is important to me, so I am very passionate about filling the world you inhabit with realistic NPCs and meaningful dialogue. At my table, I generally run neutral/good aligned campaigns with a grounded theme. I don't particularly enjoy creating meme-y content or joke characters, and request the same from my players. I don't have tolerance for harassment, hate, or bigotry. I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself and prefer to leave politics and religion out of our games. I strive to create a gaming space where anyone would feel comfortable. If you have questions, feel free to send a message. Thanks :)

GM style

At my table, the "rule of cool" takes precedence over RAW or RAI, as I'd prefer getting into the spirit of the game and making memorable scenes rather than strictly adhering to something that would deflate the mood. I find the most joy in meaningful roleplay, and I like to get into the different voices and mannerisms for them. For combat, I find fun in challenging the players in tactics and creating opportunities for them to make choices under duress. - I'd say that the ratio between RP & combat is around 65:35. I can go into greater lengths over a chat, just leave me a message.

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