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About me

I have been running and playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1980. Since 1984, when my brother stopped running games at our home, I have been the primary GM for all Dungeons and Dragons versions/editions, as well as other game systems and rules, for the Arlington Gaming Club. I have been president of the club since 1986. I have played all D and D rules and it's precursors (Chainmail, Eldritch Wizardry, etc) up to 3.5. I would describe the current edition we use as 3.5+, using the vitality and wounds rules from the SRD/Star Wars revised core rules for combat. Systems I have run include D&D, Top Secret, Star Frontiers, Star Wars RPG, Chill, TimeMaster, Traveller, Cyberpunk, Gamma World, Harnmaster, Gurps, Mob, d20 Modern/Future/Past/Urban Arcana and many more I can't recall at the present moment I prefer to run campaigns, but do have some good one offs, although my one offs usually take more than one session. My present home campaign has a somewhat slow pace and is not for all, but I plan to bring some elements of that game to my online campaign to make it more all encompassing. ALL of my campaigns are full immersion, what some would call living world, ALL actions have an effect on the campaign as a whole, with the PCs actions being the most influential to the storyline.

GM style

My style is a mix of NPC story line interactions, great setting descriptions and detail, and detailed tactical combat using miniatures on a physical battlemap. I do NPCs in many different voices and styles and I have a great deal of role playing in my games. My games are generally slower paced than most, and a lot of time is spent on descriptions and details that others may avoid. This can include building or room details, the feeling and/or attitude in a new village or town, legal issues, societal issues or other items needing a more thorough description. I run combat on a battlemap with miniatures. I like the combat to be detailed and methodical, but I like to think I keep the action moving at a good pace. While combat in my games is detailed, it is not usually the primary focus of a campaign or game. That being said some combats of large scale, which do happen in my campaign, can take multiple sessions. I draw and use detailed tactical maps for these and most of my home game players think these maps are one of the best features of my games. I try to do everything by the book as much as is possible and reasonable without slowing the pace too much. Also, I like to let the dice fall where they may and do not pull punches, so PC deaths are possible, especially at low level, and at any level with the critical hit sysyem used. My campaigns are continuing stories that the PCs help to tell and create with their decisions in game, after getting the setting from me. It is primarily site based and your PCs interact with the existing campaign world to form and develop the main storyline. I do not tell stories to children in my campaigns, we are all adults, and this is not storytime, WE create the story by playing the campaign. Your players ARE the story. On the other hand my one offs are self contained stories that may take more than one session and may or may not connect to another one off in a non-campaign or campaign setting, world or milieu. These are much more straight foward and have a somewhat linear storyline. Some of my one shots are party vs party competitive challenges. I also offer, and am very interested in doing custom adventures and campaign design/play service as long as all sessions are paid with NO early bird bookings and minimums are met. I invite you to join me in either one for an immersive campaign world with meaningful detailed combats and total PC/NPC integration and interaction, or an in your face one shot with tons of action/suprises and excitement! Any and all material presented in my campaigns and one shots is my original material and is all owned by AGC and myself. Copywrite 1984 to 2023.


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