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Since my high school days, I've been deeply interested in different stories from movies, books and lore. I'd dream about different characters and their struggles and journeys, even making my own characters to explore the immersion. Dungeons & Dragons allowed me an exceptional tool to explore adventures in different settings and to craft my own. Though I took a hiatus from the game for a while, My passion was rekindled when 5th edition came out. I found myself without anyone to act as DM, so I took it upon myself to become the Dungeon Master and have been leading campaigns for friends and strangers since 2015.

GM style

In my role as a Game Master, I find myself particularly drawn to players who create characters that are or become invested in the story, world and events of the game. I love it when players actively engage with the narrative and other players characters to explore their own backstory or character arc. When it comes to balancing roleplay, adventure, and combat, I strive to take a holistic approach that caters to everyone's preferences. I encourage players to fully immerse themselves in their character, even if it means stepping out of their own comfort zone from time to time. But of course, no one is expected to be a professional voice actor here (though it is fun and engaging!) For myself, I might not be the best at doing voice impressions, I make up for it by trying to create engaging and fun storylines for players. After all, that's some of what tabletop RPGs amazing - exploring outcomes, worlds, characters and ourselves! So, if you're interested in joining me for either a recurring campaign or a one-shot, exploring new character models and backstories, then I'd love to have you on board so we can create a unique gaming story together. During games, I like to take a small break in the middle or at an opportune time that presents itself. So please consider that when considering any of my games.

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