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About me

I have a passionate interest in the cyberpunk and sci-fantasy genres. The dichotomies of flashy neon lit cityscapes with grim dark noir undertones and the worlds of high technology mixing and clashing with magic. When not running TTRPGS, I enjoy a wide variety of video/computer games, board games and card games. I am a tactical strategy / RPG player at heart and fully incorporate this into my game mastering. I am eternally grateful to be able to pour all of my enthusiasm and energy into game mastering. I have had such great experiences such as game mastering at conventions for people all over the world.

GM style

The strength of tabletop role playing games is the ability for everyone involved to collectively imagine and inhabit a living breathing world of their choice. My biggest strength is my ability to improvise, whether it is creating whole new scenarios based on player decisions or embodying characters through understanding their motivations and mental state, thus breathing life into the world. My gameplay is challenging with both intense tactical combat and difficult moral dilemmas. Characters must be truly tested in order to grow, which is ultimately the most satisfying experience.


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