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About me

I have been GMing for over 10 years some times with Custom made Game offten with one of the Game Systems listed on my profile. I love a game where the natural consequences of Player's Actions Bounces Off the Natrual Actions and Reactions of the NPC's And Mixs with some Random chance of the Dice to Twist and Turn The Story in Ways Neither The Players Nor The Gm Could have seen coming!$! I love creating worlds for the players that feel living and changing, That have NPCs that act realisticly and with agecy so it never feels like the player is in a cardboard castle talking to King Quest Giver The 69th$!$ I love having and trusting a caring gaming group that has respect for each other's needs and boundaries. I will not tolerate intolerance of any race, creed, gender, sexualty, disability, faith (Or lack there of) nationality or any thing else like that!$!

GM style

+++++++++INTRO++++++++++ I view running a game the same as I view cooking. Role Play, Combat, Exploring, Lore And such much more are all ingredients that can be good on there own but are so much better when mixed together and I do love doing dozens of character voices . Depending on The Tastes of the Players One Session May have More Combat Or more roleplay than another but you are very likely to always get at least some of both. +++++COMBAT FUSED WITH ROLEPLAY+++++++ I love to Mix My Combat seemlessly with role play. "As you Trade Blows with the Black Knight You decide to share more then just your blade with them, You tell them why it is your are fighting with them, your family your nation your freinds maybe just MAYBE some thing about your story will get them to change there mind, Or at least hesitate at just the right moment! Every time your heart beats your unsure If it will beat again, Will you die? Will they fall? Or will you join forces?" ++++HOWMBRE AND RELAXED RULES++++ I use a lot of homebrew in my Games, And I'm relaxed with the rules. NOT Super relxaed, I'm not going to allow Broken Homebrew Or homerew that dose not fit the tone or theme of the game! As An Example Maybe you score a Nat20 On a foe in Plate armor with a Warhammer, I MIGHT in that momnet decide that some thing speical happens. "As light strikes in the distance You strike down your hammer Hard upon the Black Knight, The Blunt force Blow of your Mighty Hammer Dents There Force perfect Black shining Plate" (-2 AC to the Black knight) I'm not going to be hard rule that every blunt nat 20 on plate armor dose this, But Some times in the moment if I feel like it is both cool and logical I will do it. +++++++Player Driven Story NPC Driven World+++++ I like to run my games assuming the npcs from the lowly farmer to the mighty king all have there own goals, vaules and agency. The villain shall not wait atop the hill for the player to come and find them and fight them. They will go out in to the world and capture that Princess. And the Princess may try to esscape. (I'd likely role for it once in a while) She might end up escaping too !$! BUT the Story is about what the players Do, It is there story! The actions of the NPCS (especialy the evil ones) Will effect the players and the world around them and They will decide What to do about it$!$ Then consequences of their actions both good and ill shall effect the world and cause NPC's TO act upon thoses Actions Which the players will interact upon. +++++++Caring+++++++++ I love having and trusting caring gaming group that has respect for each other's needs and boundaries. I will not tolerate intolerance of any race, creed, gender, sexualty, disability, faith(Or lack there of), nationality Or any thing else like that!$!

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