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Hi hi! I'm Erin, I am queer, trans, and autistic, and I'm based in the UK. I have been seriously DMing Dungeons and Dragons for probably about 3 years, and less seriously DMing for up to 20, including a 5-year stint running a team of 6 people as we ran a twice-weekly game for up to 30 people. However, I've found what's working best for me now, and it's running games online! While I largely run pre-written campaigns (Waterdeep: Dragon Heist; Rime of the Frostmaiden; Ghosts of Saltmarsh/Call from the Deep) and one-shot adventures (Sunless Citadel; Written in Blood; Dead in Thay), I do so while heavily revising and adding to their content and background - not least to add a greater diversity of genders, sexualities, and disabilities. I specialise in building towards and from difficult in-character choices and devil's bargains; and I absolutely love it when PCs make characterful and yet terrible decisions. However, I also recognise that games are supposed to be escapist fun, and will work with players to make sure they're engaged and having fun with the dilemmas I present them - so that they are able to negotiate a win from a lose-lose situation.

GM style

I love to facilitate roleplaying; I've spent a lot of time running and playing live action games, so am very comfortable trying to inhabit a character. I would love to work with you to build and develop a compelling backstory, featuring both sympathetic and adversarial NPCs, and a convincing moral through-line based in the world in which we play. I like to help players build interesting, versatile characters with which they will be able to effect the game and have meaningful combat interactions, when combat inevitably rolls around. I also love to write in character-specific side-quests and sub-plots; pursue what you want out of the game, even within the context of the frequently linear nature of pre-written games.

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