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About me

I have been a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons for 7 years now. I have run regular games for friends weekly and monthly, I have run clubs for secondary school students and I run a table at weekly club out of a comic book store. The longest game I have going is 5 years long - a group of 6 players about to turn level 20! I also run one-shots regularly. I write modules that are published on DMsGuild. These include short adventures, additional magic items and downtime activities. Needless to say, I am very much into D&D, and I would love to run an adventure for you! I have run the following complete adventures: - Lost Mines of Phandelver (twice) - Curse of Strahd - Princes of the Apocalypse - Tomb of Annihilation - Storm King's Thunder I have run to different homebrew adventures for a number of years. I have also run over 40 different one-shots over the years, 10 of which were my own creation.

GM style

I love roleplay, and acting out social encounters, but I never insist players 'act in character' if that's not what they enjoy. I am a good voice actor, improving with all the practice I'm getting. Again, you won't ever need to speak in a voice if that's not how you play. I've run all manner of combat, from tactical to puzzle-solving to brawls. I enjoy players that want their characters to become a team of heroes! You can play the lone wolf or the lawful evil uncertainty, but in my opinion the best games are when everyone has the shared goal to be awesome.


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