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Claire After All
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About me

A handful of years ago, I tried my hand playing D&D in a group that was not a good fit for me. I made the mistake of thinking that all tables were alike and soon figured out thanks to other D&D media that communal storytelling can be inclusive, hit on the big things in life, and still take care of the people at the table. As a theatrical professional, I was interested in exploring other options for story creation and quickly made the leap from player to dungeon master for an all women's campaign set at a summer camp (you can watch us on Twitch now!). After a year of running that campaign, I started to make more one shots for a wider array of people, ran smaller things, and even began an additional home game set in a grittier cyberpunk future. I love facilitating worlds and getting to be a part of people's self exploration and their character's journeys. While I love D&D 5e, I also have an affinity for indie TTRPGs and would love to run some Punk's Been Dead Since '79, Wanderhome, or some other gloriously specific niche game for you! Lastly, I have access to and knowledge a number of TTRPGs that do not require a GM, but I would be happy to serve as a fellow player and functioning guide through those types of games for you and your pals! I've also made simple custom TTRPGs or adventures within systems for special events such as bachelorette parties, birthdays, and more. Feel free to reach out! Generally speaking, there's a distinct lack of Femme DMs in the world and I am so thrilled to be one of them. It is my hope to create a welcoming, inclusive environment to tell stories together. If you're interested in announcements specific to my DMing, feel free to follow me on socials @ClaireAfterAll or join my Discord: My rate for private games is typically $75/session hour for games of 3-7 people, $100/session hour for games with 2 players, and $150/session hour for solo games!

GM style

My games tend to be character driven and roleplay heavy, with bold moves encouraged and character voices supported. I love to create one shots and campaigns around the player characters or a specific theme to keep people engaged. Whether at a fantasy summer camp, in a sleepy town, at a harvest festival, or in cyberpunk future city, my games promise care, fun, and definitely allowing the time for you to describe the stylish look your character is sporting to a big party, heist, or other shenanigan. I'm detail oriented with a unique eye for player experience and connection. Great for beginners and seasoned players alike, in this new digital landscape, I tend to use video chat formats where we can all see one another and love to encourage players to do a little loose cosplay to get into character and/or to use a quick and dirty Google sheets map to live edit if a combat is particularly complicated. At my table, games are LGBTIA+ and BIPOC friendly. Identities are validated and frank, active discussions around safety mechanics are encouraged. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, or anti-LGBTIA+ rhetoric. The only way a theme like that may be in a game is if it is discussed beforehand, approved by all involved, and with these features as clearly defined negative characteristics. (AKA if you'd like to punch nazis, slay transphobic fiends, or fight the literal embodiment of the patriarchy let me know and we can figure something out). Often inspired by D&D media with a more comedic leaning like Dimension 20, Dungeons and Daddies, or Not Another D&D Podcast, the stories I find myself most interested in telling blend a comedic and dramatic tone, involve less classical settings, and have many a lovable NPC. I'm also happy to assist in character sheet creation or character development for other campaigns or games! Safety Tools: In my games, we will use the safety mechanics known as lines (things we don't want to see in the movie), veils (things we cut away from or fade to black on), and bright spots (things we ideally want to see/explore!). I'll explain them at the top and ask for any to add to our list and to be mindful of publicly or anonymously.


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