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About me

I'm a former IT Guy, Bartender, Improv performer, Amateur Stand-up Comedian, and OG Nerd. I've been playing D&D since I was 13. Started DMing and playing D&D 5th edition in 2022. Really enjoy running a campaign and watching characters develop. I use Syrinscape for ambiance and sound effects, Discord for Video/Voice chat and audio effects. Currently I use Roll20 for the Virtual Table Top and D&D Beyond for Character Sheets and source material. I'm a fan of story telling and battle tactics. I enjoy bringing a good puzzle and unexpected challenges to players. Inclusive of all people until those people give me reason to not include them. (Hate speech, no shows, trouble makers) You will be bounced from the bar if you are a problem. My goal is to provide a fun, safe place to role-play and smash enemies.

GM style

Role-play to everyone's comfort levels, I may push you a little bit to RP a bit more but respect everyone's boundaries. I enjoy tactical combat as well. I'm not super puzzle heavy but I will keep you on your toes. I may introduce a social, political or old school Indiana Jones style dungeon puzzle your way. Primarily though gameplay will be a balance of all three elements. I will bring serious story telling and try to weave in humor when appropriate. I'm working on my voices and accents. I've taught my three younger sisters and 5yo Son to play D&D, so if you are brand new, don't stress, I've got you.

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