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About me

"Never let truth get in the way of a good story." At Thunderpants Academy we love fun. And roleplaying games. And pie. I'm a professional DM, tv producer, & writer in my regular career. The one thing I do well is storytelling in all its forms. I love horror & using it as a tool for creating fun. I'm a disabled vet and a professional storyteller for TV shows (Producer). Roll20, Syrinscape online, and Discord is my fsvorite replscement for in person gaming. My disability makes in person gaming impossible these days, so I invested a ton in improving my Virtual DM game & excel at it. I am one of the best Professional DMs you will ever encounter. I explore things like disability and age in a healthy & inclusive way. You can expect expert storytelling, inclusion, voices, audio, music, isometric maps etc. I have a variety of extras on Roll20. I also host mutual aid streams where we raise $ while gaming on Twitch. I am currently in the USA in Las Vegas, but am moving to The Azores, Portugal next year. I reside with my awesome wife Sunny Megatron, our adult kids, & my service dog Waffles. Estou estudando Português, mas ainda não sou proficiente o suficiente para DM. Em breve! "Nunca deixe a verdade atrapalhar uma boa história."

GM style

You can expect expert storytelling, inclusion, pronoun party pack, great voices, fairness, fun first no matter what, rules are guidelines, no alignment, I love puzzles, and I do a ton with music/audio effects. Character death only if it's fair and fun for you.


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