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About me

Actor and Swordsman looking to play more! I would love to provide you with a DM that fits your table. I adore TTRPGs for that sweet sweet collaborative story telling and have been chasing this dragon for about 5 years now. I work to provide an immersive but story driven game where you are epic heroes! I love me some crunchy combat and RP and tend to lose myself in intense descriptions of violence or silly and serious NPCs And for those that are asking, I am a "Consistent Rule of Cool" kind of DM. By that I mean if you can do it once you can theoretically do it again!

GM style

Highly descriptive from a place to a punch I want you to feel part of an epic story. I am excellent at creating a tone and atmosphere to my games. But I have a soft spot for Crunchy combat, once initiative is rolled the gloves are off! I draw more from Brennan Lee Mulligan style of play than a Matthew Mercer style.

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