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So, the last time we left Defhan had been playing table-top RPGs since he had been a little kid. He had been a dungeon master for DnD 5e and CoC for the past 3 years and boy was he ready for more! Defhan had even developed his own game system suited for a Harry Potter-themed campaign, minus the terfs, and he and his mates were having tremendous amounts of fun with it! Defhan was witnessing how incredible it is when his players surpassed even his wildest expectations and took the stories he provided into greater heights. But, this was all just the beginning... What new adventures and dramatic twists await Defhan and his brave heroes? To find out, let's dive in together to tonight's session!

GM style

Defhan has been an avid fan of roleplaying for many years and although he can't do voices to save his life, he'll make sure to give each role a distinct character and personality when bringing them to life. His hobbies include character-driven stories, high-stakes tactical combat, engaging puzzles and mysteries, player traumatizing dramatic plot twists and getting caught in the rain. Not a fan of pina coladas though, terribly sorry.

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