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About me

Greetings, fellow adventurers! My name is Paul Iverson, a seasoned dungeon master hailing from the city of Salt Lake City, Utah. For over two decades, I have been navigating the vast landscapes of tabletop rpgs and LARPs, weaving tales of epic proportions and mastering the art of immersive storytelling. As a Dungeon Master and Storyteller, I use my extensive acting skills to infuse life into my characters and breathing soul into the narratives that unfold. My passion for these game are extensive, and I love the opportunity to share the joy of this timeless past-time with both new initiates and battle-hardened veterans alike. Specializing in the creation of home-brewed worlds, I revel in the boundless possibilities of imagination. Whether traversing the well-trodden paths of pre-made campaigns or forging uncharted territories in the realms of my own creation, I am a guide through the realms, a weaver of tales, and a conductor of adventures. As an ally to all and a friend to many, my table is a haven for diversity and camaraderie. I am dedicated to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment where every player, regardless of background or experience, can find a home within the fantastical landscapes of our shared imagination. While my campaigns may be filled with conflict and drama, fear not, for my games are a sanctuary for creativity and expression. Within the safety of our collective narrative, players are encouraged to explore the depths of their characters, unfurling their wings in flights of fancy and contributing to the rich tapestry of our shared adventure. So, fellow adventurers, if you seek a realm where friendship and fantasy intertwine, where every voice is heard, and where the journey is as important as the destination, join me at the table. Together, we shall embark on epic quests, forging memories that will resonate through the ages. May the dice be ever in your favor!

GM style

Roleplay Maestro: I am an ardent lover of roleplay, and my campaigns are imbued with rich narrative tapestries and engaging character interactions. Each NPC, from the humblest tavern keeper to the mightiest dragon, has a story to tell, and I revel in bringing these stories to life. Expect immersive dialogues, moral dilemmas, and opportunities for your characters to develop and shine in the spotlight. Master of Voices: Character voices are my forte. Prepare to encounter a diverse array of accents, tones, and personalities, each tailored to breathe life into the inhabitants of our shared world. Whether it's the wise old sage, the mischievous imp, or the brooding warlock, each character will have a voice that resonates with their unique essence. Tactical Combat Choreographer: While I cherish the nuances of storytelling and roleplay, I also relish the thrill of tactical combat. Battlefields in my campaigns are dynamic arenas where strategy and creativity can tip the scales in your favor. From epic showdowns with legendary foes to skirmishes in the darkest dungeons, be prepared for combat encounters that are both challenging and rewarding. Home-Brewed World Builder: My campaigns often unfold in home-brewed worlds, where the rules of reality bend to the whims of imagination. Expect to explore uncharted territories, encounter strange creatures, and uncover the mysteries of a world crafted with care. The unknown beckons, and every decision you make will shape the destiny of this unique realm. Inclusivity and Creativity Advocate: Above all, my GM style prioritizes inclusivity and creativity. The table is a safe space for everyone to contribute, and I encourage players to explore the depths of their characters and the world around them. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the realms of D&D, your voice is valued, and your story is an integral part of our collective journey.


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