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About me

Aloha! I'm CJ, and it's awesome to meet ya! In our game, I encourage you to bring a spirit of fun, a passion for roleplaying your character, and a willingness to support your fellow players. As a professional voice artist, I'll provide memorable NPC voices that will either have you laughing with me or at me (both are fine by me!), thought-provoking combat encounters that challenge your tactical thinking, mood-enhancing music, meaningful decisions, and captivating storylines on both small and grand scales. I'll let my players' reviews speak for themselves, as I'm not the best at self-promotion. 😉

GM style

In our DnD sessions, I aim for a balance of 40% roleplay, 20% exploration, and 40% combat, ensuring a rich and varied experience. Roleplay is the heart of any RPG, and I encourage you to develop a unique personality, voice, or mannerisms for your character. Consider their worldview, motivations, and reasons for choosing this life. Interacting with fellow players and immersing yourself in the story is what sets this hobby apart from novels and video games. You don't need to be a professional actor - sometimes, we "discover" our characters as we go along. 😊 For exploration, I strive to create authentic and consistent characters within the world. As a professional voice artist, I enjoy crafting distinct voices and quirks for the various individuals you'll encounter, giving them depth and purpose beyond simply waiting for adventurers. In terms of mechanics, I focus on elements that enhance the game rather than bog it down. While choices like taking a dangerous shortcut vs. a safer route will matter, I won't burden you with tracking individual arrows or bathroom breaks. During combat, we maintain the immersive roleplay atmosphere. I design purposeful battles featuring intelligent enemies, where strategy and teamwork make a difference. Our sessions will include dynamic lighting, animated spell effects, and diverse combat scenarios. As a bonus, I homebrew and tweak many monsters, so even if you've memorized standard monster stats, you'll still be in for a surprise!

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