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About me

Cheshire is a 45 year old storyteller who has worked in the roleplaying industry since the 90s, contributing to titles like Earthdawn Companion, Tony DiGeleramo's Mafia D20, and Status Quo: Chronicles of a Universe at War. An accomplished 3D/Technical artist for video games, TV, and film, Cheshire has also worked as a writer, comedian, and entertainer for over a decade during conventions and events. He brings a unique style and mood to any game, accompanied by a healthy dose of NSFW humor and language. Cheshire is comfortable with a lot of old school RPGs and obscure systems, and is willing to run games of up to 8 people across *any* genre from sci-fi to hard fantasy. The first hour or two of each campaign is a simple player interview and character creation, to learn more about each player's likes and dislikes during a chronicle. After the game gets started, ongoing campaigns can be scheduled in advance. Players of any gender are welcome, and there is a zero tolerance of racism, homophobia or transphobia. Historically accurate depictions of violent crime, racism, misogyny, drug use, and other themes inappropriate for children will be discussed beforehand with the player group to determine respectful boundaries for the purpose of stories with dark thematic elements. English speaking players only please.

GM style

My style can be summed up by asking the players what they are looking for: The mood and tone are based on questions I ask during the player interview at the beginning of the chronicle. There's always some humor and fun interspersed, but if the tone is dark and moody the jokes are suited for the tone; if the game is inspired by Deadpool, my goal will be to merely keep the plot moving forward between bouts of snickering like high-schoolers in the back of the class. I have no issues with players wandering completely off story and into side quests that have nothing to do with the overall arc; if the players are having fun that's all that matters. If players lean towards number crunching and statistics, we'll do that and make it fun to crunch those numbers. If the players are for more dramatic and thematic elements, the dice won't be used as often as they probably *should* be, but the player will enjoy the experience. I try to figure out what *each* player likes, and work those mechanics into how I run the game for *them*. If they like it, we keep it. If they don't we toss it and work in what handles better in accordance with the game system. Rules are important to keep balance, but the story is always about the characters, not some random cool-ass NPC I made up. If things get derailed, my notes are secondary to the players having a good time. I'll write another story on the fly if it means it is something compelling and fun that folks can sink their teeth into and want to come back to again and again.


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