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About me

What's Up! I'm [cherubriot], an artist/animator currently located on the east coast of the US, and I'm very fond of running games with high amounts of assets and visual production. I've always wanted to make my own worlds and stories for others to enjoy, and through the power of TTRPG's, I'm able to deliver just that and more! I've ran multiple games over the last 4 years of my life, around 7 with roughly 5 players per group, and each game I've strived to personalize the experience by creating custom content for the players and anime-inspired visuals through Discord and Roll20. If you're looking to embark on a legendary adventure filled with explosive action, or indulge in a mysterious tale of intrigue, I plan to deliver experiences that give you the sense of playing an anime/jrpg in real-time!

GM style

I'm a "Roleplay First" DM, as in I focus most of my games around RP'ing. The foundation of all of my games are built on the idea that each of my players are the protagonist in their own Anime/JRPG story. My campaigns, while typically very linear for the most part, are very susceptible to shifts and changes based on player input. While I started with FATE, I now write my own homebrew systems, and tend to create a new one for each campaign (with borrowed elements from one another.) My systems are created to emulate JRPG's, with Battle Maps, Visual UI, and Custom Character Sprites. (I plan to reuse these assets I've accumulated to run various one-shots and campaigns, as the creation of these assets can take some time. ) I put an emphasis on customization when it comes to character building, and attempt to develop systems that allow players a myriad of ways to develop and level their character in their own way.


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