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About me

I'm here to do one thing: make collaborative storytelling easy and fun! I believe that tabletop role playing games are a spectacularly unique artform, and I want everyone to have the chance to make stories of their own. Unfortunately, there are often barriers for those who wish to play. Crafting stories is not easy. It takes work to design a setting, it takes worth to learn rules, and in many systems it takes work to calculate dice rolls and consult tables. I'm here to remove those barriers. I exhaustively research settings, I learn and adapt rules, and I design gamesystems that take the math and calculation out of the play experience -- without giving up the fun of strategy and meaningful decisions. My most recent design is the Simple Online Storytelling System. This system, and its adaptation for Star Wars roleplaying, is an ongoing project. If you'd like to learn more about it, and to see what games I may be hosting here in the future, you can visit

GM style

My favorites systems are narrative systems. I enjoy roleplay over crunchy combat, and tend to favor story over system rules. I love making character voices of my own, and my games are a safe space to try out character voices you may be working on. Worldbuilding is a huge passion of mine, but most of those details are things that players will never see. You can expect deeply immersive gameplay, with little to no exposition or lectures on lore. That being said, if you ever want a game with anthropology, economics, or hard science as a major part of the setting, I can certainly do that. I have a number of hard-science worlds in my portfolio, so if you enjoy profit margins, feudal class stratification, or the effects of relativity, let me know!

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