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About me

I have been a story teller ever since I was a child. Weaving and crafting adventures has become an unconscious habit for most of my life, and when I discovered Dungeons and Dragons it was as if I had prepared my whole life for this game. My first character was a Tiefling Bard/Barbarian who fought a dullahan, plundered White Plume Mountain, and fought valiantly against an evil sorcerous before he was struck down by a powerful spell. I have been a Dungeon Master for eight years, and it has become my greatest joy in life. I am not a combative DM, and I have a tendency to lean towards the rule of cool. My role as the DM is to tell YOUR story, not mine. I will provide you with plot hooks and ways to move about the world, but it is your world to do with as you wish. D&D is a wonderful game, and it has an incredible community. I believe that everyone has a right to sit at the table and feel safe while enjoying a story of their own making. If that appeals to you, let's have some fun!

GM style

I am a storyteller first and foremost. I use a fair amount of music and sound effects to create tone setting ambiance, and I try to give each NPC a unique voice (though my voice acting is rather limited). Weaving your characters into the story I'm narrating is a priority so that you feel like you belong in the world, or don't in cases where you are not a native to the land. In terms of gameplay, I am a player advocate and one of my favorite things about D&D is player creativity. It is a welcome challenge to find a way to make your craziest ideas work, and rewarding beyond words when they do.

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