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Heyo, I've been playing TTrpg for about 5 years, played some dnd5e, Monster of the Week, and pathfinder2e. I've DMed a 1-20lvl dnd5e campaign and some one-shots for 3 years, now picking up Pathfinder2e DMing too.

GM style

I like to define myself as a "pro-player DM". I support the "rule of cool" (in a logical amount, as long as it doesn't ruin the game for others) and I try to balance combat and RP depending on the type of campaign and the will of the players. I try to give a variety of voices to NPCs. I believe TTRPG should be a safe space for players and characters, regardless of who they are. For campaigns, I wish to set expectations with players in advance. LGBTQIA+ friendly. I support letting players make decisions and choose their own paths. However I am strongly against murder-hoboism.

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