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Charlie Kobold
Women/Femme Identifying

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Highly rated for: Storytelling, Inclusive, Creativity

About me

On a natural 20 for Investigation, the weathered tome speaks of a creature - part human, part kobold, entirely LGBTQ+ friendly and dedicated to the crafting of satisfying and entertaining stories for seekers of fantasy and adventure new and old to enjoy! The Charlie Kobold has a very distinctive cry that it uses to gather a community group; "I've been DMing for four years online for a variety of ages and familiarities with systems, and a decade or so more before that. I'm always happy to both learn, and help others learn, new systems and new nuances to familiar systems. I usually tend to run in Roll20, and I have been collating music collections for games, archiving high-quality maps for exciting battles or pulse-pounding chases, and building and cataloguing encounters that will offer challenge without being frustrating or unfair for some time now. I've plenty of experience with pre-written modules as well as homebrewing - I'm likely to run pre-written modules and tailor them to player's characters for the time being as I still work full-time in the benighted Domain of Dread known as "Meatspace." I adore novel player solutions to challenges and encourage creativity within the game space as well as outside, most likely to run with wild ideas to see where they end up - just be aware that ridiculous plans can have ridiculous consequences." The Charlie Kobold is known for taking player safety and agency seriously, and has an online form that potential players will fill out to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere where players can have fun and live out their heroic fantasies! If encountered in the wild, please approach politely, preferably with a character sheet in hand.

GM style

While I'm proficient with game mechanics, I find the real valuable part of the experience to be rooted in my players and their characters - how they respond to things, what they value and what they discard. I have a great love of deep roleplaying, and try to bring equally deep characters to the fore for my players to react to and with. I try to create fully-formed worlds for my players to immerse themselves in, even if they are based in pre-written modules, and create and cater to experiences that are meaningful for players - no backstory forgotten, no character beat left behind. I tend to cater to the genre of "heroic fantasy," no matter the genre, which means not a great amount of focus on evil player-characters or player-versus-player combat unless in extreme situations.


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