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About me

Hello! Thank you for coming to my profile to have a good nose about. I’m from the UK, longtime TTRPG veteran and a lover of world-building and roleplaying. It’s important to me to host a warm and inclusive community, with supportive and engaged members. It’s been described as “warm,” “welcoming” and “some of my favourite people to talk to”. Really looking to welcome awesome new people into the fold!

GM style

Described as “the best DM I’ve had” and “highlight of my week”! My idea of a good session is when everyone develops and expands characters along with the world around them. I run heavy RP, story-based games, and enjoy interweaving character backstories deeply into the world. I often have multiple campaigns playing in the same reality, affecting each other and the world around them, and sometimes will do cross-campaign challenges where different adventuring parties work together to take down the threat!

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